Top 10 Best Crystals for Self-Love and Healing

“Life is always rocky when you’re a gem”. On this note, let’s read about how to radiate positive energy using crystals for self-love!

Does the idea of crystals for self-love spark your interest? Self-love can be judged in a world where we’ve been taught to put others first.

 It’s unpleasant. We know we need space for ourselves, but we have a hard time allowing ourselves to feel it. 

Isn’t it ironic? Perhaps it’s time for you to try your hand at something more spiritual.

So grab another cup of coffee and continue reading to learn more about crystals for self-love and growth! 

I’m sure we make you grab your coffee pretty frequently! (I’m hoping it’s not too sweet because health comes first*

Why is Self-Love so important?

Low self-love results in low self-esteem and can lead to difficulties in relationships and challenges at work or school. 

When confronted with criticism or rejection, you may become agitated and withdraw from activities and people [1].

Self-love is the gasoline that keeps us going; it’s the cornerstone of who we are. Everything is built on top of this foundation, and life feels wobbly if it isn’t strong. 

Those of us who have experienced the power of self-love can attest to the fact that the results may be very spectacular. When we begin to love ourselves, we begin to notice changes— “positive changes.”

But if you sense a lack of motivation to practice self-love, then you can try this healing stone for self-esteem!

What are the best crystals for self-love?

Each crystal has its own set of characteristics.

These crystals for self-love and growth are a combination that might be beneficial to use during any spiritual crystal practice.

Know that not all of these self-love crystals are required; choose the ones that speak to you the most and incorporate them into your self-care routine.

Top 10 best crystals for self-love and healing:

1. Rhodochrosite 

Rhodochrosite, often known as the stone of the loving heart, is a popular choice for self-love rituals since it aids in healing. 

This healing is accomplished by focusing on forgiveness and compassion for your inner child, thus allowing yourself to have a strong sense of self-worth linked to self-love

This stone is linked to the root, solar plexus, and heart chakras, which are all related to self-esteem. You can find out more about the chakras by reading our article on crystals for motivation.

2. Rhodonite 

Rhodonite is a self-love stone that aids in the body’s balanced proportions of yin and yang forces. 

You can expect a boost in self-confidence from this crystal because you’ll be willing to use one to help you work through decisions or challenges without being judged.

It’s linked to the root and heart chakras, and it’ll keep you grounded while also maintaining your kindness.

 It is also known as one of the best crystals for self-love and confidence.

3. Citrine 

Citrine is an excellent starter gem; you can wear it as jewelry regularly! 

Citrine is known for offering cheerfulness; thus, the fact that this crystal is yellow is a perfect fit.

This crystal is noted for the positive energy it emits, with a bright golden glow that resembles a sunbeam.

 It fosters happiness and is appropriate for new beginnings.

This stone, which is best used for the solar plexus chakra, can help you develop a positive and motivated mindset when starting a new endeavor.

4. Amethyst 

Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals for self-love, owing to its lovely purple color. 

This lovely stone is linked to the root chakra and crown chakras, which aid in spiritual discovery and enlightenment by allowing you to connect with your higher self.

This stone is ideal for fostering spiritual self-love and creating self-worth.

 Negative energy and emotions such as guilt and worthlessness fade away as you progress spiritually, allowing room for self-love to fill you up!

5. Moonstone 

Moonstone is a gentle and compassionate stone that embodies the moon’s feminine spirit.

 It is related to the crown chakra and is known as the stone of new beginnings.

Working with this stone encourages you to have more compassion for yourself, which aids in self-acceptance as you become less harsh on yourself and more compassionate to yourself.

If you struggle with phobias or worries, the moonstone is an ideal crystal to wear as jewelry.

It helps you relax and overcome emotional fears, allowing you to heal from a loss or tragedy and giving you the courage and confidence to move forward.

6. Kunzite 

Another stone linked to your heart chakra, Kunzite, is beneficial if you wish to sense more oneness or wholeness. 

Kunzite  (the stone of emotions) can help you have more courage since it works with your sentiments to match them with your heart’s desires.

Kunzite is one of the most ‘soothing’ stones; the world has ever known.

 One look at its gentle glint is enough to reduce pain, mend broken nerves, and heal your heart and spirit with the sole promise of heavenly love.

7. Carnelian 

Working on your self-esteem and self-worth has a significant impact on your love for yourself; therefore, adding a couple of stones for confidence to this list is crucial.

Carnelian is a beautiful red crystal linked to the sacral chakra, where many women hold on to previous grief and trauma. 

Carnelian has fierce energy that will improve your courage while you work with it.

It is considered one of the best crystals for self-love and healing.

8. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is not only stunning to look at, with colors ranging from black to mild grey, but it is also excellent for balancing and releasing bad energies.

If you don’t release the low emotions that keep you stuck, you won’t raise your energy and feel self-love. 

Regularly working with this stone will keep you clear and radiating at a high level.

9. Aventurine 

Green Aventurine aids in the balancing of energy and the objective observation of events. 

This suppresses your self-criticism and allows you to give and receive love.

It also aids in the development of self-confidence and belief, allowing you to put yourself out there and take on new challenges!

This stone encourages you to forgive yourself as well as others. Green Aventurine is a stone signifying fresh beginnings and luck. 

Green Aventurine can be charged with a gratitude technique and then worn throughout the day to help you stay open to new and exciting experiences.

You can also use it to attract specific items into your life that will offer you delight. 

It is considered as one of the healing stones for self-esteem.

10. Black Tourmaline

This stone is black, as the name suggests. Grounding and protection are the properties of black tourmaline. 

Black tourmaline stones are often associated with emotional cleansing and purification.

In other words, the stone can cleanse the mind of harmful thoughts such as anxiety, rage, and thoughts of worthlessness. 

It can be considered the best crystal for self-love. 

The significance of black tourmaline seems to be enormous. These crystals are also seen as a symbol of power. 

Although you may prefer a polished and shaped crystal if it contains asbestos or mercury, black tourmaline is perfectly safe in its natural state.

Why Healing Crystals are so Powerful?

There has been a recent increase in the number of adults in the United States seeking complementary and alternative medicine. 

Acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, and even healing crystals all seem to be aspects of this [2].

The crystals used for self-love also can cause the body to produce a placebo effect, which has been scientifically demonstrated to aid medical treatment. 

Because of their molecular composition, these healing rocks and crystals have unique vibrations and frequencies [3].

Through the way they flow and interact, these vibrations and energies enhance and uplift our mood, mind, and health in a significant way, much like essential oils and aromatherapy do. 

It absorbs negative energies and attracts positive ones by acting as a magnet.

Doesn’t it appear to be far too scientific for our ordinary minds to understand??! Let’s look at it from a different perspective. 

Let’s say you have a cell phone model from X brand. For a change, this corporation keeps upgrading its models by adding or subtracting certain features.

All cell phone models have unique features that set them apart from one another. This is how healing stones work. 

Each of them has unique healing abilities and characteristics.

How to Use Healing Crystals for Self-love?

After reading this comprehensive article on healing stones, you may be wondering how to use these crystals for self-love. 

Here are some ideas for how to incorporate stones into your everyday living in a lovely way.

Daily affirmations can help you feel more confident. 

Affirmations can be the total opposite of negative ideas, which can be harmful.

Holding a crystal for courage and self-love or placing it over the correct Chakra might help to enhance affirmations.

Meditation :

One of the most effective ways to boost self-esteem is to meditate with crystals. 

When you meditate, you end negative thoughts and self-talk, both of which can harm your self-esteem and confidence.

Hold a crystal of your choice or surround yourself with confidence-boosting jewels to make your meditation even more potent.

Aesthetic :

Wearing your crystal as a piece of jewelry can surely enhance the overall impression. 

Making a brooch or a ring out of it, or wearing it as a pendant or a belt, can all add a charming touch to your ensemble!


Making a frame out of the exquisite stones or incorporating the stone as a masterpiece in your living room will create a lasting impression on all of your visitors!

Wrapping up :

Self-love is always linked to healing, so keep in mind that to develop and appreciate yourself, you must first practice forgiveness, compassion, and self-care, all of which the above self-love crystals can assist you with!

Crystals should never be used instead of medical treatment for any condition. 

There is no scientific evidence that crystals can completely aid in the treatment of medical issues.

It all necessitates internal confidence! The first step toward confidence and self-esteem is to believe in and appreciate oneself. 

Although crystals and stones may have a spiritual significance, relying entirely on them is not wise.

Always keep in mind that self-love is not being selfish! Love yourself first to understand your worth if you wish to be treated the same in society!

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