Vitamins For Sex Drive In Females: Natural Female Libido Enhancer

Reasons for a low sex drive can include stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, anxiety issues, medication, menopause and so on. Adding vitamins like vitamin A, E, C and B6 can boost your libido or sex drive. Surprised? Read on to find out more.

Vitamins are not on just for your body but also for your sexual health. Vitamins like A, E, B6 and C can improve your libido and rev up your sex life. Vitamins can regulate hormone levels and pump blood smoothly thereby enhancing your libido. 

Before diving into the details of Vitamins for sex drive in females, it’s essential to understand that there’s nothing “right” or “wrong” about sex drive for women. And there isn’t any rule for how often people should be having sex. A lot of factors can cause a change in your sex drive. But the matter of concern is that a sudden change in your libido could also be a sign of a budding medical issue in some cases [1]

Here’s a list of vitamins and natural foods to enhance sex drive in women, including studies backed by research.

What Exactly Is Libido?

Libido is simply another name for concupiscence or the sex drive. 

Various factors can affect your libido from the hormone levels in your body to the medications you take and the sleep habits you follow. Libido varies from one person to the other. But most people experience a decline in their libido as they age.

What Are The Signs That Women Have Weak libido?

The signs which indicates that women have weak Libido are – 

  • Not curious about any sexual Intercourse
  • Lack of  sexual imaging
  • Lack of sexual acts 
  • Depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Lower estrogen levels [2].

6 Best Vitamins And Minerals For Sex Drive

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E pumps blood and oxygen to your nether regions. It regulates your sex hormones so that your libido gets a lift. Vitamin E also has anti-aging properties. Food sources of Vitamin E include walnuts, egg yolk, sweet potato, spinach, asparagus, chickpeas, chestnuts, broccoli, tomatoes, and whole-grain loaves of bread [3].

Vitamin A

Vitamin A maintains adequate levels of female sex hormones. It also maintains a regular reproductive cycle. Food sources of Vitamin A include apricots, cabbage, carrot, chilies, greens, grapefruit, lettuce, mango, peppers, spinach, sweet potato, tomato, and watermelon, all rich in the vitamin [4].


Magnesium enhances the production of sex hormones like androgen and estrogen that affect your libido. Studies have shown that it can up your libido.

Magnesium has calming and relaxing properties.

Food sources of magnesium include rice, wheat, oat bran, dried coriander, dill, sage, basil, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, chocolate, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, and molasses [5].

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to synthesize sex and fertility hormones. It helps you get aroused.

Vitamin C is also a great immunity booster. It also keeps your joints smooth and pain-free. Food sources of V itamin C include citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, cantaloupe, and sweet and chilli peppers [6].

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is important for women in the pre-menopause stage. It regulates the sex hormones and also ups your libido. Vitamin B6 controls raised levels of prolactin. 

It also regulates the production of estrogen, testosterone, red blood cells, serotonin, and dopamine. Food sources of Vitamin B6 include bananas, avocados, baked potatoes, cottage cheese, and tomatoes [7].

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 helps blood flow smoothly and at a faster rate. It supports the adrenal glands produce sex hormones. Food sources of Vitamin B3 include brown rice, whole wheat bread, peanuts, and sun-dried tomatoes.

7 Best Foods To Boost Female Libido

Ginkgo biloba –

It is a popular herbal supplement. According to a study, ginkgo may be effective as a natural aphrodisiac [8]. It relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow. 60-240 mg by mouth daily for up to 6 months should suffice but talk to your doctor before you start any new supplements.

Ginseng –

According to research, ginseng outperformed the placebo to combat sexual dysfunction in people using methadone [9]. Ginseng is particularly helpful for women with low libido due to fatigue or menopause. Ginseng is available in the form of dietary pills, topical creams  and teas containing its extract. 

Maca –

According to one study, maca may potentially treat antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women. Plus, maca has historically been known to boost fertility and desire [10]. Avoid maca if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have thyroid. Maca also boosts mood, relieves anxiety and promotes energy. Maca powder can be used to make smoothies or latte.

Tribulus Terrestris –

Tribulus terrestris or puncture vine is a small leafy plant. Its root and fruit are used for medicinal purposes. One study assessed whether 7.5 milligrams (mg) of Tribulus Terrestris extract was efficacious for female sexual interest/arousal disorder [11]. It is an androgen modulator and can reduce the effects of sex. 

Saffron –

Saffron is the dried stigmata (thread-like parts) of the flower Crocus sativus and can work as a love herb. It is a natural aphrodisiac. In one study, women taking antidepressants saw a significant improvement in arousal after taking saffron for four weeks [12].

Red wine –

Red wine stimulates your erogenous zones. Drinking two glasses a day gives women a higher sex drive. It can also improve sexual function, consistent with a 2009 study. However, consuming too much alcohol is dangerous for health and may have a reverse effect on libido [13].

Apple –

An apple a day can not only keep the doctor away but can get you in the mood. A study concluded that women who consumed an apple a day reported a better quality of sex life [14]. Apple contains phloridzin, a molecule similar to estradiol, a major female sex hormone. Besides, apples are also rich in antioxidants and minerals making them a perfect addition to your diet.

11 Foods with anecdotal evidence to naturally boost Libido

  1. Chocolate – Chocolate can help your body release endorphins and serotonin that have a positive impact on your mood and indirect impact on sexual stimulation.
  2. Coffee – Coffee can stimulate the part of the brain that regulates arousal.
  3. Honey – It is an excellent source of antioxidants. It contains boron that helps regulate estrogen and testosterone.
  4. Strawberry – Manganese, folate, K and C in strawberries will help your sex hormones stay balanced. 
  5. Raw oysters – Women report an increase in sex drive after eating oysters [15].
  6. Capsaicin – Capsaicin, a chemical compound in chilli peppers,  offers several health benefits, including improved sex drive.
  7. Palmetto – a superfood when it comes to hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in women. 
  8. Chasteberry – It is a popular herbal supplement used for many female reproductive health concerns.
  9. Figs – A rich source of vitamins and minerals known to enhance female sex drive..
  10. Bananas – Aid in testosterone synthesis. While testosterone is usually a male hormone, females also have testosterone, and low testosterone can negatively affect the sex drive.
  11. Potatoes – they are high in potassium and help in arousal. 


Can supplements help your sex life?

Diet has a major role to play when it comes to sexual health. If your diet alone is not sufficient, it is a good idea to turn to supplements like tribulus, maca, red ginseng, fenugreek, saffron, ginkgo biloba, and L-citrulline to boost your libido.

What are the causes of a decreased Female Libido?

Illnesses, physical changes, and medications cause a decrease in female libido. Physical causes involve sexual problems, medical diseases, drugs, lifestyle habits, fatigue, surgery, etc. Menopause, pregnancy, and breastfeeding give rise to changes in your hormone levels which may alter your desire for sex. Mental health problems, stress, poor body image, low self-esteem, history of physical or sexual abuse, and previous negative sexual experiences are the psychological causes that can affect your sexual desire. 

What are the foods and herbs for improving women’s Libido?

Figs, bananas, and avocados are a few foods and herbs that are considered libido-boosting foods or aphrodisiacs. These foods also feed your body with essential vitamins and minerals, which will increase blood flow to the genitals, thus promoting a healthy sex life. The blend of herbs, including raspberry leaf, nettle, and chaste berry (vitex), improves fertility in women, increases libido, and balances hormones.

What are the supplements recommended to increase my libido?

L-arginine –  increases blood flow. It is an amino alkanoic acid that helps the body make protein.

Vitamin B3 – boosts your energy.

Vitamin D – enhances your sexual function.

Vitamin E – maintains a healthy sperm count.

DHEA – improves symptoms of ED.

Zinc – prevents low testosterone levels.

Magnesium – helps to get you in the mood.

Wrapping Up

We have got you covered on Natural Female Libido Enhancer foods, vitamins, herbs, and pills. These aphrodisiacs can take your Libido to new heights. While many natural remedies are available to increase sex drive for females, you should be very cautious about using them. We recommend talking to a healthcare provider or a sex therapist if fluctuations in libido become an ongoing issue.


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