Green coffee for weight loss[with 6 astonishing benefits]

Green coffee is famous for its astonishing weight loss benefits and fat burning abilities. As the name suggests, it is green in colour and is the first flush of coffee beans from the plant. It is different and triumphs the benefits of brown coffee.

It is rich in chlorogenic acid (an anti-oxidant) and has high anti-inflammatory properties. It also provides a ton of health benefits. 

On the other hand, brown coffee is prepared by roasting green coffee beans. It is mixed with chicory and sold in the market. Due to roasting, brown coffee loses the benefits of un-roasted coffee beans.

Chlorogenic levels

How to make green coffee for weight loss

Unroasted coffee beans/powder is available in the market. Always check for the right brand before buying one. The following procedure will help you prepare it.

  • Boil the beans in water for about 7-10 minutes
  • Allow it to cool for a minute.
  • Strain the beans/powder using a filter paper. 
  • Add honey/desired sweetener and stir well.
  • Drink hot/ warm.

It tastes like herbal tea. 

brown coffee beans in a bowl with another bowl of green coffee beans
Regular and Unroasted beans

Studies on green coffee for weight loss

A study conducted among diabetic individuals illustrates its benefits. Researchers divided the participants into two groups – A and B.

Group A followed typical dieting and exercise. Group B did the same but added green coffee to their regular diet. The result of the study is as follows.

Participants present in Group B had better control over their blood sugar levels than Group A. It had positive effects on insulin cells and kept diabetes under control.1

Generally, green coffee is not harmful. But here are the optimal consumption levels. 

  • As supplement – Once per day with an empty stomach or before lunch.
  • Unroasted coffee beans – 10 -15 g with 250 ml of water.
  • Unroasted Coffee bean powder – 20 – 25 g with 250 ml of water.

Green coffee extract benefits

1. Aids in weight loss – Chlorogenic acid is known as the miracle compound of weight loss. Regular green coffee consumption(5-6 times a week), improves BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate).

Improved BMR increases the metabolic rate of the body and helps in weight loss.

Health benefits of Green Coffee

2. Improves digestion – It ranks behind green tea in anti-oxidant levels. It also helps in nutrient absorption and improves digestion.

Better digestion equals increased fat loss, better skin and hair health.

3. Fat loss – People often confuse weight loss with fat loss. 

Weight loss is the overall reduction of body weight. But the decline in body fat is called fat loss(especially from the waist, hip and stomach region). An example of fat loss would be losing an inch of fat on your hip.

Green coffee is also one of the best anti-oxidants and acts as a miracle drink for weight loss. Coupled with regular physical activity, it leads to fat loss. It also helps in avoiding metabolic disorders such as diabetes and cholesterol.

4. Skin and hair health – It significantly improves skin and hair due to its anti-oxidant properties.

Studies prove that there was a significant reduction in hair fall and improved skin texture.

Skin benefits

5. Appetite control – Most weight-loss diets fail to address food cravings. Green coffee is known as an appetite suppressor. It helps you deal with your food cravings and promotes weight loss.

6. Improved heart health – Green coffee extract benefits the heart and has positive effects on blood cholesterol levels. It is an appetite suppressor and fat burner. It also aids in controlling LDL(Bad fats).

Physical training, coupled with green coffee consumption, improves HDL(Good fats) and controls triglyceride levels.

Side effects of consuming green coffee

High dosages of unroasted coffee consumption causes side effects. Always follow the recommended dosage.

Drink green coffee with regular exercise and a balanced diet. If you ignore diet and exercise, the body loses its ability to convert fat into energy.

Body stores fats as energy reserves. Drinking green coffee helps the body use those fat reserves. But drinking it without exercise and a proper diet can lead to life-threatening consequences. So avoid it at all costs.

Suppressing hunger is not a natural process, and you should avoid it. 

Hunger and thirst are innate human responses. Suppression of these responses may lead to immunosuppressant disorder. A disorder where your immune system is compromised and long term effects are unknown.

Things to consider before using green coffee

1. Do not consume green coffee for weight loss without a doctor’s advice if you are diagnosed with severe diabetes.

Drinking it during advanced stages of diabetes may affect kidney and lungs leading to further complications.

2. If your BMI>30, you must not drink it. It works as a stop-gap arrangement if a person is stuck during the weight loss process. Also, you should not use it for not more than two months.

3. A person with a BMI>25 and BMI<30 can consume green coffee for weight loss, but for not more than two months. Continued consumption acts as an appetite suppressant and compromises the immune system.

4. If you fall sick/ develop allergies due to green coffee consumption, stop it immediately and consult a doctor.

Other healthy ways to lose weight

  1. Eat a balanced diet.
  2. Exercise regularly.
  3. Include at least 3-4 types of fruits in your daily diet.
  4. Avoid fried and high-fat foods.
  5. Sleep well, and get a deep sleep every night.
  6. Manage stress levels.
  7. Stay hydrated.
  8. Regularly take hot oil massages and invest in relaxation activities.
8 healthy ways to manage and lose weight

It is unhealthy to lose more than 2 kilograms per week and 4 -5 kilograms a month. Anything higher than that is harmful, and the efforts become counter-intuitive.

To wrap up

Green coffee is healthy, due to its anti-oxidant properties and appetite suppressant component. It helps you lose fat, control diabetes, lose weight, and improve health. 

As green coffee helps you control hunger, you should not use it in the long term. Always consult a doctor before using it.

What next?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I drink green coffee for weight loss?

Drink it before breakfast and dinner for better results. Also, make sure to space your dinner and bedtime.

2. Which is better green tea or coffee?

Green tea has fewer side effects and is more healthier.

3. Can we drink green coffee before sleeping?

Unroasted coffee beans are rich in caffeine which drives sleep away. It might make you restless at night. So, avoid it before sleep.

4. Are green coffee capsules safe?

Yes, they are safe. But should not be consumed for more than two months. Prolonged consumption suppresses the immune system and causes immunodeficiency disorder.



  1. Onakpoya, Igho & Terry, Rohini & Ernst, Edzard. (2011). The Use of Green Coffee Extract as a Weight Loss Supplement: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Clinical Trials. Gastroenterology research and practice. 2011. 10.1155/2011/382852.
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