How long does it take for Shilajit to work?

Shilajit, sometimes referred to as the remover of weakness and the king of mountains is a natural substance that boosts energy and vitality. Continue reading for more information.

Shilajit is commonly produced through a continuous process of mineral and plant matter decay. It is a thick and dark-colored substance that is made from rocks found on high mountain peaks. The chemicals in shilajit have been utilized for generations in ancient Indian Ayurvedic treatment, and they appear to be effective for a number of medical conditions.

Are you aware of the various health benefits of Shilajit? Shilajit has a variety of health advantages because it comprises more than 84 minerals, including fulvic acid. It can function as an antioxidant to strengthen your body’s ability to fight against illness and memory loss, as well as an energizer to flush out excess water from your body. However, it varies from person to person to understand how long it will take for Shilajit to work. 

Shilajit: what is it and its formation

Shilajit is a sticky and dark-colored material that is mostly found in rocks from the Himalayas. It develops slowly over many years through plant decay.

The medicinal herb shilajit is well-renowned in Ayurvedic medicine. Traditional herbal medicine has utilized shilajit to treat a variety of medical conditions, including infertility and bone fractures. Your overall health and fitness can be enhanced by this safe and efficient supplement.

For How Long Can We Take Shilajit?

Genuine shilajit supplements have never been linked to any long-term negative effects and are considered to be safe for adult consumption.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are found in shilajit because it highly contains more than 80 minerals. These beneficial vitamins and minerals may guard against oxidative stress and cellular harm. Therefore, consistent consumption of shilajit can promote increased lifespan and a slower aging process [6].

How long does shilajit take to work?

It differs widely from person to person. Some individuals might have health problems, while some might not. All of these factors influence how you perceive or evaluate the effects of Shilajit. Shilajit’s benefits may go unnoticed because it works at the cellular level.

The majority of shilajit consumers, however, claim to observe results within a day or two of use, while some claim that it takes a week or two to observe effective results.

Does shilajit work immediately?

Shilajit is a versatile supplement and its advantages might vary widely from person to person.

Many individuals claim to have seen benefits in just ten days of consumption. Shilajit should be taken in small amounts every day for 6–8 weeks to reap the most benefits. Many people notice benefits within one to two weeks, while others report feeling a difference right away.

How do I know if shilajit is working?

Shilajit that is pure and authentic is difficult to obtain. Multiple complaints of Shilajit being offered that are adulterated and fraudulent have been seen. Shilajit is only beneficial when consumed in its purest form. When pure shilajit is consumed, it increases sexual stamina and energy levels [7]. Extreme conditions of lethargy, exhaustion, fatigue and depression can all be managed with shilajit.

There are various ways to check the originality of the shilajit you’re consuming. There are quite easy ways to conduct an authenticity test at home with basic household goods. Some examples are provided below.

  • Forms

First and foremost, never purchase Shilajit in powdered or capsule form. Both of these Shilajit varieties contain fillers and binders. Shilajit supplements look like tar and are thick and dark in color.

  • Pliability Test

This is among the simplest methods for figuring out whether or not the Shilajit is authentic. Due to its extreme sensitivity to temperature, Shilajit sticks to the fingers when the surrounding temperature is high.

Similarly, Shilajit solidifies and crumbles like a stone when the surrounding temperature drops.

  • Solubility examination

Another simple method for determining Shilajit purity. Place a small piece of Shilajit in water. Genuine supplements of Shilajit fall away quickly in water, making it a dark brown or reddish-black color and leaving no trace behind. The water will taste sandy if the Shilajit is combined with fillers, and a sand-like deposit will be left behind.

  • Color and odor test

Pure Shilajit is typically dark in color. Because it is made from the decomposition of plant and mineral substances, it has a pungent fragrance.

What happens after taking shilajit?

Shilajit has a variety of health advantages because it is rich in over 84 minerals, including fulvic acid. Shilajit functions as an antioxidant which may help to eliminate excess water and fatigue from your body. 

Can you take shilajit everyday?

Shilajit can be consumed on a daily basis. Talk with your healthcare professional if you’re not sure whether shilajit supplements are beneficial for you or not. Shilajit can be taken every day as long as it is recommended by the medical professional. 

Its safety has been established through scientific and clinical research [5]. It is recommended to take even small doses of authentic shilajit because it is potent enough to provide all of the benefits even with a small dose.

When is the ideal time for taking Shilajit?

For maximum absorption, Shilajit must be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Shilajit may interfere with your ability to sleep at night, thus you must avoid consuming shilajit at night if you notice that it offers excessive energy.

Top health benefits of shilajit

Shilajit is often utilized as a booster for overall health and fitness by people around the world. The following are the top shilajit health benefits:

  • Improves fertility and testosterone levels

For generations, shilajit has been well known to enhance testosterone levels and fertility in males. Men that use shilajit supplements have increased sperm count and motility rate. According to the study, men between the ages of 45 and 55 were given shilajit for 90 days in a row. After a period, their total testosterone levels increased significantly [1].

  • Enhances brain function

The bioactive ingredients present in shilajit help in strengthening the functionality of your brain. One study claimed that consumption of shilajit increases lifespan and delays the aging process. Moreover, shilajit helps in the treatment of acute problems such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s [2].

  • Cure high-altitude sickness

Curing altitude sickness is one of the many shilajit benefits. While traveling to high altitudes, individuals generally suffer from severe breathing difficulties. Patients experiencing altitude sickness can benefit from shilajit which includes over 80 minerals, particularly humic and fulvic acid.

  • Promotes heart health

Shilajit consumption increases antioxidant glutathione levels [3]. These antioxidants are beneficial for your cardiovascular health. Humic acid also drops blood cholesterol, which reduces the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

Consumption of shilajit supplements can boost the brain’s production of dopamine. Consumption of shilajit might lessen stress and anxiety. The body also experiences a relaxing impact after consuming shilajit. This is due to the beneficial effects of high magnesium and potassium levels. This soothing and relaxing impact can assist in lowering stress and anxiety levels.

  • May help with chronic fatigue

Although you take sufficient rest, chronic fatigue syndrome makes you feel exhausted and dizzy. You may be able to treat acute conditions of tiredness using shilajit supplements, which can help you stay energized throughout the day [4].

  • Heals injury wounds and ulcers 

The essential compounds in Shilajit include anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer qualities that are extremely important for treating several forms of ulcers, including ulcerative colitis, mouth ulcers, peptic ulcers, etc.

Possible side effects after consuming shilajit 

People are not aware of the long-term safety of shilajit supplements due to a lack of supporting studies. There are a few potential complications and adverse effects which you can observe. These negative effects are:

  • Shilajit may increase uric acid production within your body, making the disease worse.
  • Shilajit might increase iron levels, therefore people with hemochromatosis—a condition in which there is too much iron in the blood—should avoid taking it.
  • Shilajit consumption should be avoided by pregnant women, as well as children.
  • Shilajit may cause blood pressure levels to drop, which is risky for those who take prescribed medications for treating blood pressure [8].


  1. Is ashwagandha better than shilajit? 

When it comes to Ashwagandha and Shilajit, neither is superior to the other owing to their unique properties. Ashwagandha is excellent for stress relief [9], whereas shilajit may help with antioxidants and energy boost.

  1. What should I do if my Shilajit is extremely hard?

In cold temperatures, pure shilajit becomes extremely hard, while in warm weather, it becomes soft and sticky. To test if the Shilajit supplements you are consuming are 100 percent unadulterated and genuine, this unique trait is a key sign to check the purity of shilajit. If your Shilajit is too hard, put it in your pocket for 5-10 minutes and your body heat should soften it.

  1. How should I consume Shilajit?

Try mixing Shilajit with warm milk, tea, or lukewarm non-chlorinated water before consuming. You can simply put the shilajit supplement under the tongue and swallow it with lukewarm water if the taste is too harsh.

Wrapping Up

Shilajit may contribute to the treatment of excessive cholesterol levels, memory loss, fertility issues, and acute conditions of tiredness.

Shilajit is a safe and reliable supplement that offers many health advantages when used properly. Some people report the benefits of shilajit in a few days after consuming it while others notice the differences weeks later. Shilajit, like most supplements, is not regulated by the FDA, so if you’re thinking about taking it for health reasons, consult your doctor first.


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