Procapil for Hair: Benefits and Side Effects

Procapil is an active ingredient found in hair serums, hair growth tonics, and shampoos. To find out if Procapil is safe to use, read on.

The struggle with Hair loss  is real. But fret not, procapil for hair can help. After a shower, you see loose strands of hair on your pillow, comb, and bathroom floor and look for hair restoration methods. Most people may relate to this narrative, and they seek hair loss treatment to help them prevent losing hair.

Procapil for hair, such as procapil hair serum, has made a breakthrough in hair restoration claims. Aside from procapil, a few of other clinically proven and cosmetic hair care brands have been touting the benefits of hair serums. 

So, how does procapil differ from the other options? Procapil promotes natural hair growth and claims to decrease hair fall. Let’s take a look at the benefits of procapil for hair.

What is procapil?

Procapil is clinically validated and has been shown to lessen the impact of DHT on hair follicles. What approach does it use to accomplish this? By promoting a healthy blood flow to the scalp, your follicles will receive enough oxygen and nutrients to prevent hair loss.

Along with minoxidil and Finasteride, it is one of the three most often employed active components in hair loss solutions around the world. Procapil is a vitamin complex containing three active components that were developed by the French business Sederma to prevent hair loss.

Procapil has been shown to minimize the effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) on hair follicles while also increasing blood flow circulation in the scalp, resulting in thicker and healthier hair. Procapil also aids in the prevention of hair loss caused by external factors.

Is procapil safe?

Yes, procapil is safe. It’s because procapil is manufactured using organic ingredients.

Procapil is a natural supplement derived from natural ingredients. It is safe to use even for men with sensitive skin.

Here is a list of the infamous ingredients of procapil: 

  • Olive trees produce oleanolic acid, a chemical substance.
  • Citrus plants contain a flavonoid called apigenin.
  • Biotinyl-GHK is a biotinylated version of the hair vitamin biotin.

What are the benefits of procapil?

Besides being an effective DHT blocker, Procapil is clinically proven and has a number of advantages. The following are some of the hair benefits of procapil:

Procapil strengthens hair

Procapil contains apigenin, a vasodilator that promotes healthy hair growth. It strengthens hair by stimulating, nourishing, and oxygenating the hair follicles. Procapil hair serum might help to strengthen the root and tip of your hair.

Procapil prevents hair thinning

Hair thinning is the initial indicator of male pattern baldness, which most men are unaware of. Hair thinning is often overlooked, although it is the deciding factor in prolonging hair loss and balding.

You might wonder what causes hair thinning. You’ll likely develop baldness if you have a family history of it. According to studies, some men as young as 18 begin to lose their hair due to male pattern baldness! Hair thinning is the first indicator [1].

Procapil’s Biotinyl-GHK content guarantees that hair follicles are activated, preventing them from becoming dormant and dead. Dormant hair follicles are unable to promote hair development, resulting in a reduction in hair volume.

Procapil acts as a DHT blocker

Excess testosterone in men is turned to DHT. DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is a male sex hormone that can increase the risk of hair loss in men.

This is because excess DHT builds up in the hair follicles, preventing them from acquiring the nutrients they need to develop healthy hair. DHT builds up over time, making your hair follicles dormant.

In women, the underlying cause is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which is accompanied by adrenal hyperplasia. More DHT in the body causes hair follicles to be malnourished, resulting in brittle hair and hair breaking. The use of procapil prevents DHT from entering the hair follicles and strengthens them.

Procapil prevents hair loss

Hair fall is triggered by strands that are undernourished and weak. Procapil, according to experts, combats hair follicle aging and dormant hair follicles, resulting in less hair loss. 

Procapil acts to keep hair follicles fed and healthy, preventing brittle hair strands. Furthermore, it slows hair loss by strengthening hair roots and improving cell metabolism.

Procapil helps to regrow your hair

Hair growth can also be achieved by using procapil hair growth products infused with minoxidil. Procapil and minoxidil are both vasodilators, meaning they awaken dormant hair follicles and enhance blood flow to them. When you use procapil for hair, your hair will receive the necessary nourishment to promote healthy hair development.

Procapil side effects

Procapil has no adverse effects when applied to hair because it is a natural component. However, if you experience any negative side effects, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

However, taking Procapil by mouth can cause nausea, rashes, and itching. Procapil makers claim that it has almost no negative effects and has been tested in clinical research. 

According to the producers, Procapil is intended to slow the progression of male pattern baldness and aid in the growth of new hair. Oleanolic acid is said to stop DHT from being produced in the hair follicles, while apigenin is supposed to help hair grow by increasing blood flow to the scalp.

How to use procapil for hair?

Hair restoration and hair fall management are both aided by procapil. This solution, which is available as a hair serum, can be used to slow the aging process of hair and encourage hair growth. It also revitalizes, strengthens, and protects hair from falling out. It increases the hair shaft’s anchoring to the hair, resulting in silky, smooth hair.

Here is a common method to use procapil on your hair:

  • Procapil should be sprayed five to six times equally over the scalp. Once you’ve finished, rub it in with your fingertips to ensure that it reaches your hair roots effectively.
  • Apply twice after showering and once before bedtime, or as directed by your doctor. Before using the product, make sure you talk to your doctor about the possible negative effects. 

Once you’ve started using procapil, you may rest comfortably that it will help you slow down the greying of your hair. It will also aid in the hydration of your scalp and the improvement of blood circulation, which will aid in the healing of damaged hair.

Hair on the scalp is considered beautiful while facial hair can be annoying for many. Facial hair or vellus hair can be safely removed using a process called dermablading. What are the benefits and side effects of dermablading? Talk to your dermatologist about this procedure.


Does Procapil regrow hair?

Yes, it helps to regrow hair. One of its primary functions is to increase the supply of blood to the scalp. An increased blood supply results in the activation of dormant hair follicles. Once these hair follicles receive a good supply of blood, they start to contribute to your hair growth. This way, Procapil plays an important role in the regrowth of your hair.

Does Procapil cause hair loss?

Procapil improves blood supply to your scalp and activates dormant follicles. It helps enhance and naturally improves hair growth. However, like every product, it is best to avoid using it without advice from your doctor.

Does Procapil work?

Yes. After plenty of research, this product has come to the market, and one of it’s most popular reviews is regarding its efficacy. Procapil enhances blood flow to your scalp and is known to promote regrowth of hair.

Is Procapil a minoxidil?

Procapil and minoxidil are two separate products that are used for the same purpose; hair loss. Both of these products function in the same way; by increasing blood supply to the scalp and strengthening the hair follicles. The only difference would be that minoxidil is FDA approved where ar Procapil is yet to be approved.

How do you use Procapil?

You can use procapil in the form of serums or capsules. If you’re using it as a serum, apply a generous amount on your head and massage it into your scalp evenly and with firm pressure. However, consult your dermatologist regarding the dosage and usage of both the serum as well as the capsule.

Wrapping up

Procapil is a botanical lotion that is replacing finasteride in the treatment of hair loss. This solution contains substances such as oleanolic acid, a chemical compound found in olive trees, and apigenin, a flavonoid found in citrus plants. Always speak to your doctor before using procapil for hair as it may or may not be suitable to you depending on your hair type. You can also try sesame oil for hair and moringa oil and powder for your hair.


  1. Rhodes, T et al. “Prevalence of male pattern hair loss in 18-49-year-old men.” Dermatologic surgery: official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [et al.] vol. 24,12 (1998): 1330-2. 
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