Is Garlic Beneficial to a Woman’s Sexual Health?

Garlic won’t just enhance the flavors in your dish but can also enhance your sex life. A versatile ingredient indeed!

Food plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Most often than not, we just happen to consume certain foods and assume that they are good for us; how so? We might never know. Garlic often falls under this category. Yes, it can be beneficial when it comes to fighting off bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even parasites; but it can also be beneficial when it comes to libido.

Garlic has a long list of benefits; it could reduce inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels, and protect against chronic disease. It could also help improve your sex drive by enhancing your blood flow and regulating your hormones. But where do you draw the line when it comes down to how often you should consume it? Before answering that question, let’s first look at garlic’s role in sexual drive.

Garlic’s role in women’s sexual drive

Garlic can be highly nutritious, but is it still as effective when it comes to sexual health and libido? To be able to understand how garlic can help improve sexual drive, we generally focus on the following three properties;

Ability to enhance blood flow

Various studies suggest that garlic may help increase blood flow. An increased blood flow, especially to the genitalia, can help increase sex drive. Increased blood flow can help men sustain an erection. It can also help prevent erectile dysfunction. Increased blood flow can be vital for arousal, sexual stimulation, and pleasure in women. The nitric oxide in garlic can also be beneficial since it dilates the vessels and promotes better blood flow. However, further research is required regarding garlic’s ability to improve blood flow [1].

Can improve fertility

Garlic supposedly helps regulate your hormones, and this essentially might help improve fertility. Certain studies suggest that garlic might help increase estrogen levels in women. It is said to help boost sperm production and increase testosterone levels in men. Garlic’s antioxidant property might also play an essential role in improving fertility. Since most of these studies are conducted on mice, more evidence is required to confirm that garlic can help improve fertility–hence, further research is needed [2].

Acts as an antioxidant

Garlic is rich in antioxidants and can help neutralize free radicals and other harmful compounds. Antioxidants don’t just help protect you against chronic diseases but might also play an essential role in your sexual health. By blocking or neutralizing free radicals and other harmful compounds, antioxidants can improve egg quality, increase sperm count, and make your cycle more regular. It can also help improve erectile function by blocking the formation of free radicals. Although studies suggest that garlic as an antioxidant can help sexual function and fertility in humans, more evidence and research are required [3]

How can garlic help women’s sex drive?

We have already established that garlic can potentially help increase your sex drive; however, is it any different for women? Not really. Garlic can help boost a women’s sex drive just as efficiently as it does men’s. It acts as an active agent when it comes to increasing libido in women. Since it is an estrogen rich food, it also helps increase the sexual drive in females– the higher the levels of estrogen, the higher would be the sexual drive achieved [4].

Garlic might also play a role in how people are perceived; whether this falls under the psychological or biological aspects of garlic’s properties might be debated on. It is suggested that garlic may kill bacteria and reduce body odor intensity. This makes people who consume garlic regularly smell attractive and pleasant. You might ask what one’s body odor has to do with women’s sex drive; well, sex drive consists of external and internal factors. Appeal is an essential factor when it comes to sex drive, and how one smells is often very important for an individual’s appeal.

Although not in the immediate sense, garlic can help improve women’s sex drive by increasing their partner’s appeal by reducing body odor. However, this will only be effective if the other person is consuming garlic, making this property a hit or miss when it comes to sex drive.

How much garlic can you consume in a day?

Garlic ideally has a large fanbase due to its intense flavor profile. What also adds to this is its nutritional value. Therefore, it isn’t just used for its flavors but also for its nutritional value. It is usually added to stews, sauces, pizzas, and pasta dishes. Because of its versatility, one might wonder if it is possible to go overboard; and even if you did, would there be any consequences?

Side effects of consuming too much garlic

Although garlic can be an excellent addition to your diet, there can be side effects of consuming too much; [5]

Garlic breath

Garlic consists of compounds like sulfur; although they are good for you, they might have specific side effects. One of the side effects is bad breath. Consuming garlic in large quantities can cause bad breath, especially when eaten raw–cooking reduces the content of these sulfur compounds.

Increased risk of bleeding

Garlic has antithrombotic properties, which essentially means that it may prevent blood clots from forming. Therefore, consuming too much garlic can increase your risk of bleeding; this can be extremely dangerous if you are on blood thinners or undergoing surgery. Although this is uncommon, the risk persists and if you are on garlic or any other supplements, make sure to inform your doctor or surgeon if you are on schedule for surgery. Always remember to keep your doctor in the loop of your medications regardless.

Digestive issues

Garlic is rich in fructose, a type of carb that might cause gas, bloating, and stomach pain in some people. When you’re fructose intolerant, it doesn’t get absorbed in the small intestine; instead, it travels to the colon where it remains and gets fermented, thus causing digestive issues.


Heartburn can be caused due to various reasons, one of which is acid reflux. Consuming garlic sometimes might lower the ability of the muscles at the bottom of your esophagus to close and prevent acid from entering; this can result in acid reflux. Although garlic can be one of the causes of acid reflux and hence heartburn, it is best to consider other factors as well when you’re considering treatment.

Now that we know the side effects of consuming too much garlic, where do we draw the line? How much is too much?

Well, there is no definite amount of how much you should consume, but the ideal amount, according to studies, is around 1-2 cloves per day. If you experience any side effects even after reducing the amount of garlic you consume, you might have to consult a professional.

Cooking your garlic before consumption can be an effective way to reduce the side effects. Lastly, if you are on any medication or are considering getting on any form of supplements, make sure to consult a doctor; they will help guide you and plan out a schedule that will work out for you.


What are the benefits of drinking garlic in hot water?

Having raw garlic with hot water can help detoxify your body. Garlic as an ingredient is an excellent option to detoxify your body. It can help clear your body of all harmful toxins. This way, it can also prevent diseases like diabetes, different types of cancers, and in some cases, depression as well.

Consuming garlic in hot water in the form of garlic tea can help promote better blood circulation, lower the level of bad cholesterol, restrict plaque from blocked arteries, and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Do ginger and garlic help sexually?

Although there is limited research regarding the efficacy of ginger and garlic sexually, enough studies have been conducted to say that ginger and garlic can help increase blood flow to the genitals and improve sexual arousal. Ginger is also a potent aphrodisiac and can help prevent premature ejaculation and sexual impotence. Therefore, garlic and ginger can help you last longer in bed and help sexually.

What are the benefits of eating raw garlic on an empty stomach?

Eating raw garlic on an empty stomach effectively prevents and cures various diseases. Some studies show that garlic consumed on an empty stomach can be a powerful antibiotic. Eating raw garlic before breakfast is supposedly more effective since the bacteria is exposed and can not defend itself, hence making the consumption of garlic more effective.

Does garlic help sexually?

Yes, garlic, in some ways, can help you sexually. It can improve your blood flow and regulate your hormones. It also acts as an antioxidant and can improve your fertility. All of these factors together can make garlic an effective ingredient when it comes to your sexual health and performance in bed. The improved blood flow can help men sustain an erection and improve sexual arousal in both men and women. However, further studies are required to positively state that garlic can be effective sexually. 

Wrapping Up

Sex drive plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Men are said to have an improved sex drive because of their testosterone levels. However, women also have a good sex drive. Sometimes, due to external and/or internal factors, women’s sex drive might take a hit. 

Considering home remedies to bring up your libido is an excellent option. Garlic is one such home remedy that can help improve your sexual drive. It can regulate your hormones, improve blood circulation, act as an antioxidant, and improve fertility. As a woman, consuming garlic can help you sexually. Cloves for sex drive, is also a home remedy to look into. 

Sometimes you might require more than just a home remedy to bring up your sex drive; at times like that, you might have to get in touch with a professional who might put you on vitamin pills for an improved sex drive for women and men. Regardless of your process to improve your sex drive, remember that you are not alone!


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