Top 9 Natural herbs to last longer in bed

Premature ejaculation is completely normal and affects many men. Luckily enough, there are natural ways and herbs that can help you last longer in bed. Read on.

Intrigued by those long steamy sex sessions in the movies? Those are exaggerations because the average length of intercourse is 5.4 minutes[1]. Premature ejaculation is a condition when a person with a penis climaxes before they or their partner would’ve wanted to during sex. They usually orgasm within 1 minute of arousal. This can lead to a lot of frustration in people and their partners. 

But you too can last longer in bed. Herbs like ashwagandha, shilajit, ginkgo Biloba, Korean red ginseng, and saffron can help you last longer in bed, delay your orgasm and let you experience heightened pleasure. So, we are going all-natural and not relying on prescription drugs. Read on. 

Reasons for not lasting longer in bed 

Many physical, chemical, and emotional factors can contribute to a man’s inability to perform well in bed. Below is a list of some of the common causes of not being able to last longer in bed. 

Premature ejaculation (PE) and Erectile dysfunction (ED)

PE is a condition where one can have trouble keeping the erection for a long time [2]. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep the erection firm enough for sex. Sometimes, PE and ED are connected.

Mental health issues 

Stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can also contribute to premature ejaculation [3].

Medical conditions

 Like sleep apnea, diabetes and heart disease may also be reasons why one cannot last longer in bed. 


Age is another factor that can cause Ed or erectile dysfunction in men. Older men have a tough time keeping their erections for longer time.

How to last longer in bed naturally

Did you know? 

Men who eat vegetarian food last longer in bed. They have more stamina because of the nutrients like potassium present in fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Wondering how to stop quick-release naturally? There are a bunch of ways that you can incorporate to last longer in bed without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s how.

Quit smoking

Quitting smoking can bring a host of benefits for your health but did you know that it can also improve your sexual health? [4] Smoking impairs circulation, decreases sperm count and increases the risk of ED. 

Work out

Being overweight or obese can negatively impact your sexual performance. It is time to get moving and get fit to help you last longer in bed and also to improve your cardiovascular health. Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises can help with bladder control as well as with erections [5]. Yoga asanas like the cobra pose (bhujangasana), paschimottanasana can increase blood flow to the penis. Yoga can also improve your mental and physical health when practiced regularly. Check out the 10 health benefits of doing yoga daily. 

Increase your zinc levels

 Lack of enough zinc in your body can lead to ED and low testosterone levels [6]. Turn to natural foods like oysters, meat and fortified breakfast cereals to get your daily dose of zinc. 


Acupuncture is an ancient treatment method in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Small needles are inserted in certain pressure points in the body to stimulate the nervous system and hormones. Although there is not enough evidence to prove the efficacy of acupuncture to treat ED, some people have benefited from acupuncture [7]

Consume more L-Arginine rich foods

L- Arginine is an amino acid (building blocks of protein) that can be converted to nitric oxide. This relaxes the blood vessels of the penis and increases blood circulation and erection [8]. Soybeans, turkey, chicken, peanuts, spirulina, dairy, chickpeas, and lentils are all great sources of arginine. Read here about the top health benefits of Blue Spirulina.

Pause-squeeze technique 

When you feel like you are reaching climax, squeeze the end of your penis where the head joins the shaft. You can do it yourself or have your partner do it for you but communicate with your partner beforehand. You can repeat this process until you would like to ejaculate.

The stop-start technique –

Similar to the pause-squeeze technique, you can use this one by pausing just when you think you are about to climax. When you feel less aroused, you can continue and delay your climax. This is a safe and easy trick to help you last longer in bed without the need for any prescription medication.

Top 9 natural herbs to last longer in bed

A variety of natural herbs can help you last longer in bed. However, there is not enough evidence to claim the benefits these herbs offer for sexual performance. 


Ginseng root is beneficial for men’s sexual health. It can support your sex drive, decrease erectile dysfunction, and can boost sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction can affect a man’s confidence in relationships. Red ginseng or Panax ginseng is a Korean herb that can increase nitric oxide that helps in relaxing the muscles around the penis [9].  

It can come with mild side effects like headaches, insomnia, constipation, and stomach upset. Ginseng can also boost stamina, improve concentration, slow aging and help with respiratory issues.


Tribulus fruit or gokshura, an aphrodisiac for men and women, helps in improving sperm count and motility [10]. But remember to consume a healthy diet and exercise moderately for 30 mins a day at least for good results. It also strengthens the penile tissue and improves performance in bed. Tribulus is also known as puncture vine because its sharp spines can flatten bicycle tires. 

It is considered safe for up to 90 days. Some side effects that it can bring include stomach pain, cramping, and diarrhea. Women are not advised to take Tribulus in pregnancy and breastfeeding stages.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a powerful aphrodisiac for both men and women. The ancient herb from Ayurveda, can help men with problems like erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance [11]. However, ashwagandha alone cannot completely cure premature ejaculation in men. Talk to your doctor before using any form of ashwagandha for sexual benefits. Ashwagandha is available in the form of powders and capsules. Is generally very safe to consume and can greatly improve female sex drive too. Check out when you should take ashwagandha, in the morning or night. 


Shilajit, an ancient herb, can increase sperm count and quality. It can also improve testosterone levels, boost libido or sex drive and help sustain a penile erection. Shilajit also has calming effects on the mind and hence improves mood during sex. It is available in the form of liquid and capsules. Shilajit is also known to increase energy levels in the body.

Maca root 

Maca is a herbaceous biennial plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family. Maca root is especially helpful for women’s sexual health. Maca has been around for thousands of years and has been used to treat sexual dysfunctions. It regulates the functioning of the thyroid hormone, gives energy and improves sexual performance. Maca is also a great fertility booster. Maca is available in the form of capsules and powders. So when are you sipping that maca smoothie or maca latte?

Pausinystalia Yohimbe

The bark of Pausinystalia Yohimbe helps in blood circulation in the penile tissue and neighboring organs. It helps in maintaining a stronger erection for a long time. The Yohimbe tree’s bark contains a compound called yohimbine. Manufacturers or brands make Yohimbe bark into capsules, extracts, and tablets. It is used for chest pain, high blood pressure, athletic performance, dizziness, impotence, weight loss, and as a stimulant. Potential side effects include urinary problems, sleeplessness, irregular heartbeat, anxiety, etc. Always talk to your doctor before using Yohimbe supplements.

Saw Palmetto Berry

You must have heard that Saw Palmetto Berry can boost your immune system and prevent chronic fatigue. Saw palmetto or Serenoa repens is also effective against sore throat, asthma, chronic bronchitis, migraines, and colds. But this wonder berry can also increase sperm count and help with sexual performance in bed. 


Shatavari or Asparagus racemosus improves sex drive, provides energy, and can help you last longer in bed. Shatavari is also beneficial for women in treating fertility issues. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Powdered Shatavari root can be mixed with milk, boiled, and consumed twice a day to help with the problem of climaxing early.


Saffron, a common food additive imparts color and flavor to foods. It is a boon to men with sexual disorders. It is also an aphrodisiac and can improve sexual performance in both men and women. The selenium and vitamin C in saffron can increase sperm quality in men.

Saffron is also effective against menstrual cramps and common colds.

Some of these herbs can cause side effects like decreased libido, stomach pain or mild pain, and dizziness. Talk to your healthcare professional before starting to use any natural herbs to last longer in bed. 

Word of caution: Talk to your doctor before starting to use Yohimbine. Yohimbine can cause serious side effects, including heart attacks, seizures, stomach problems, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

What to drink to the last longer in bed

It is a respite to know that your kitchen holds some of the powerful ingredients to help you last longer in bed. Simple food ingredients can be turned into juices to improve sex drive. Let’s understand a few of them: 

1. Amla or gooseberry juice: It can improve sperm quality besides helping you last longer in bed. Amla has the goodness of micronutrients like iron and zinc.

2. Aloe vera juice: Aloe vera juice can increase testosterone levels, boost sex drive and overall performance in bed. 

3. Pomegranate juice: Pomegranate juice, due to its antioxidants, can improve blood circulation and help men with erectile dysfunction. 

4. Milk: Milk can give you an instant dose of energy and improve sexual desire. A glass of lukewarm milk just before a steamy session can help! 

5. Banana shake: Due to high mineral content like potassium in bananas, it serves as one of the best ingredients for increasing sex drive naturally. 

6. Watermelon juice: This simple juice is powerful when it comes to making you last longer in bed. It contains an amino acid called L-citrulline, which then can get converted to l-arginine and nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide has the ability to improve circulation around the penis. 

Medicine for long-lasting in bed

If natural treatments are not for you, fret not. There are a number of other medicines or treatments in the market that have proved beneficial for men who are not able to last longer in bed. Check them out below!

Topical creams 

Over-the-counter (OTC) topical creams work by numbing the sensations around the penis, thereby delaying climax. You can apply the cream to your penis 10-15 mins prior to sexual intercourse. Some side effects that these creams could cause are mild pain, decreased sexual drive, and a slight burning sensation. 

Lidocaine spray

Lidocaine spray (anesthetic) to works like topical creams by reducing the sensations around the penis. Use this spray 10-15 mins before sex for maximum effectiveness. Wash off the product or any residue afterward. This spray is usually well tolerated by most people. 

Word of caution: Always do a patch test before applying any topical products to your skin. 

‘Climax control’ condoms 

Condoms besides preventing pregnancy and STIs can also decrease sensitivity and delay climax. Special types of condoms called the climax control condoms are made of thicker latex or may contain a numbing agent. These condoms are available as OTC condoms. 

Pills that can help you last longer

How to control sperms for a long time tablet, you ask? Well, there are many pills like e sildenafil (Viagra), avanafil (Stendra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra) that can provide blood supply to the penis and help you stay harder for a longer time. 

What to drink to the last longer in bed for ladies

Women too can benefit from the above-mentioned drinks like banana shake, pomegranate juice, watermelon juice, aloe vera juice, gooseberry juice, and milk. All these drinks boost stamina and sexual performance in women. The highly nutritious drinks can improve blood circulation around the genital area, increase arousal, and delay climax. Sip on your favorite drink from the above-listed drinks a few minutes before sexual intercourse and you’re all set!


What should I eat to last longer in bed?

Bananas are a good source of potassium. Try eating a banana just before intercourse to boost your sexual performance. A handful of strawberries can also help as they contain high amounts of zinc and glucose. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid smoking and alcohol as it has a negative impact on sexual performance. 

What can I drink to the last longer in bed naturally?

Banana shake, amla juice, pomegranate juice, watermelon juice, and milk are some of the drinks that you can have to last longer in bed. All these contain essential nutrients that improve blood circulation around the penile tissue and help delay climax.

What makes a man release quickly?

Medical conditions, mental issues like stress, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, relationship problems, etc. could be causing a man to release quickly or ejaculate much earlier than he or his partner would wish to. Luckily, there are ways to treat premature ejaculation naturally. A good diet, exercise, natural herbs, and techniques like pause-start are all effective ways to help you last longer in bed. 

What makes a woman weak in bed?

Relationship issues, hormonal issues, trauma, past sexual abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, medical conditions, menopause, and medical conditions can often cause a low sex drive in women leading to lower performance. Understanding the cause is the first step to treating such sexual issues in women. You can discuss with your doctor, get blood tests and pelvic tests done. A healthy lifestyle, lubricants, communication with your partner, and hormone therapy can help with performance in bed.

Wrapping up:

Many people can have problems with sexual performance. It is absolutely normal and treatable. The first step is to assess the reason for not being able to last longer in bed. You can turn to natural herbs and supplements to delay your climax. It is also important to make lifestyle changes for improved sexual health. When all fails, talk to your doctor to find out if there is an underlying condition. 


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