Yoga And Snoring: Can Yoga Help Stop Snoring?

What is that sound? A muttering dog? An aircraft taking off maybe? No? Oh, it was the sound of..S-N-O-R-I-N-G!

It’s said that the sound of a nail grating a chalkboard is the most disturbing ever! Whoever said so, might have never slept with a snorer. 

There’s nothing worse than being overworked and ready to sleep but you can’t because your partner sounds like a steam engine whistler. Yes, sleeping with someone who snores is a different kind of suffering. 

So what’s the cure to that sleep-disturbing snores? A separate room? Oh no, but a natural remedy! And Yoga is the long-term answer to stopping snoring. So if you practice yoga every day, over time it will strengthen your lungs and open your nasal passages, and will help you stop snoring. 

So let’s find out how yoga can be a permanent blessing to cure your snoring naturally and get your Zzzzz…

Is Yoga An Answer To Snoring?

Yoga for snoring is all about prevention and correcting the way of breathing. The first step in the treatment of snoring should be rectifying breathing patterns. Snoring is an indication of unusual or malfunction of physical actions and it arises due to obstructed air movement during inhaling and exhaling while sleeping. 

Asana practice enhances the efficiency of the lungs and maintains the flow of breath smoothly. In specific, the inverted and backward bending postures boost the function of the respiratory system. 

Yoga advises practicing pranayama and yogic kriyas to clean the respiratory tract and improve lung capacity. Kriyas like Jala Neti (water cleansing) and Sutra Neti (thread cleansing) are simple home remedies that are fruitful ways to cure snoring. 

Yoga treatment, thus, encourages the practitioners to deal with any malfunctioning of the system. Hence yoga believes in working at the roots of the problem. 

In today’s market, there are numerous snoring treatments from nasal solutions, devices, and nasal surgery. Nevertheless, you should consider yoga for your snoring difficulties because; 

  • Yoga is safe and it doesn’t lead to any long term side-effects
  • It can help lessen or completely regulate snoring by decongesting the nasal canal
  • Yoga can be practiced in combination with any treatment you may be undergoing
  • Yoga can also increase body strength and overall muscle flexibility along with curing the root problem
  • It is a natural, long term and cost-effective way to cure snoring.

How to stop snoring through yoga 

Yoga postures planned to stop snoring will enable better blood circulation to your lungs, throat, and nasal passages. 

A buildup in either one of the nasal passages narrows the path for air to pass through, and leads to snorting or snoring. So, below are eight effective yoga poses, pranayama techniques, and yoga mudras for snoring.

8 Yoga Poses To Help You Stop Snoring 

There are many ways to stop snoring. Practices such as Yoga For Snoring, Mudras, prayer and meditation and modifications in your daily lifestyle will work effectively.

Cobra Pose or Bhujang Asana 

Cobra pose is one of the most beneficial and accessible practices of Yoga for snoring is Cobra Pose. It assists in clearing the throat way effectively. 

Three to five rounds of cobra pose each day can help to clear the lungs and chest. It is known to boost blood and oxygen circulation even during sleep. 

Bhujangasana can be a remedy to your snoring problem as it: 

  • Opens up your chest 
  • Broadens lung airways 
  • Unlocks your neck muscle 
  • Restores oxygen flow in your body 

Bhujang asana is extremely helpful for men. Men have more tissues in their throat and thus, slimmer airways, making them snore more. 

Bow Pose or Dhanur Asana 

Bow pose, known as Dhanurasan, enables stretching of the torso, including the chest and lungs. Stretching the chest enables correcting the muscles and clears the breathing path.  

Practicing a Bow pose for 2-5 mins will improve the oxygen supply, which helps stop snoring naturally. 

Dhanur asana can lessen snoring by: 

  • Opening up your neck 
  • Clearing up your chest 

Thus, Dhanur asana will curtail snoring by ensuring that your neck and chest don’t stay contracted.

Roaring lion pose or Simha Garjasana

Roaring lions pose, initially popular as Simha Garjana asana, promptly stimulates the respiratory system. The roaring lion is a yogic posture where you kneel on the mat, and lay your hip on your ankles. The asana assists in clearing the throat, vocal cord, and inhaling and exhaling. This yoga method will enhance your sleep by assuring a reduction in your snoring.

Here’s how you can practice Roaring lion pose or Simha Garjasana, by following this simple step;

  • Sit on a yoga mat with a relaxed mind. From a seated position with the hips placed on the heels and the palms resting on the knees, inhale and reach the crown of the head up to decompress your spine.
  • As you exhale, bring the palms to the floor in front of the knees, arch the spine, lookup, stick out the tongue, and roar like a lion 

This pranayama method will enable you to sleep better by getting rid of your snoring. By breathing in this manner, yoga and pranayama breathing methods are combined. 

Roaring lion pose or Simha Garjasana can lessen snoring by;

  • Exercising your tongue
  • Loosens up your neck muscles.

Pranayama for snoring Bee Breath of Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama or Meditation is furthermore known as Bee Breath because it requires you to buzz like a bee.

This technique will help you avoid snoring by integrating yoga in the forms of asana, pranayama, and mudras. It is particularly beneficial for those with high blood pressure. 

Victory Breath Technique or Ujjayi Pranayama 

This pranayama is popularly recognized as Ujjayi Pranayama. It helps in reducing any blockage disturbing your sleep pattern or the flow of Prana in the body.  

It also enables strengthening the muscles of the throat, face and steadies the mind. A calm mind is one of the crucial requirements for peaceful sleep.  

As above indicated, if you are new to Yoga and Pranayama, practice under the direction of a skilled yoga teacher for the first few days.

Benefits of Ujjayi Pranayama 

  • Helps reinforce the muscles of the throat and face
  • Helps regulate sleep patterns
  • Steadies the mind

Alternate Nostril Breathing or Nadi Shodhan Pranayama 

The alternate nostril Breathing technique, which is again famous as Nadi Shodhan Pranayam, helps eliminate any blockage in the breathing passage. 

Nadishodhan pranayam attacks destructive blockages, such as stress and negative thoughts. It releases them and cleans the breathing passage or Nadis. So do yourself a healthy favor and; spend 5 or 10 minutes daily for Nadi Shodhan Pranayama in the morning and witness the result.

Benefits of Nadi Shodhan Pranayama

  • Helps purify the circulation channels
  • Helps cure throat infections
  • Helps regulate snoring and sleep apnea problems

Hand mudra for snoring 

The human body is made by nature’s five fundamental elements known as air, water, fire, earth, and space. Imbalance in any of these components in the body attracts disease and influences lifestyle heavily.  

Practicing Hand Mudras for a few days every day helps balance these elements, which eventually helps heal the mind-body and soul connection. 

Vayu Mudra/Yoga For Snoring

Vayu Mudra is one of the most powerful Yoga mudras for Snoring. It works by improving oxygen balance conditions in the body. Spending 5 to 10 minutes every day practicing Vayu mudra will not only help reduce snoring but furthermore improve mental and physical harmony. 

Shunya Mudra

Mudra for emptiness builds extra space in your body and opens the blockage if you are facing a breathing passage problem. It helps in eliminating all the stress, overthinking, worries, and boosts getting a sound sleep. 


Can yoga help you stop snoring? 

Yes, yoga can help you to stop snoring. Yoga exercises like bow pose, roaring lion, cow pose, and bhramari pranayama have been shown to reduce and ultimately stop snoring. Yoga practice might take a long time to show results but it is the most effective natural remedy without side effects. 

What exercises stop snoring? 

Exercising the muscles of the mouth, tongue, and throat can benefit in reducing snoring. Weakness or narrowing in these muscles is known to make nasal airway passage slacken and lead to snoring. Breathing exercises like Ujjayi Pranayama and bhramari pranayama when practiced every day will help you stop snoring.

How can I permanently stop snoring naturally?  

Yoga is the most effective and natural way to stop snoring naturally. Along with yoga, making several lifestyle changes is known to curb snoring. These lifestyle changes include losing excess weight, quitting smoking, and eating a well-balanced diet.

Which yoga is best for sleep apnea? 

Obstructive sleep apnea is when muscles in the upper airway passage weaken and block your air passage, forcing you to stay partially awakened to take a breath. Thus sleep apnea is the major reason for poor sleep quality leading to a poor lifestyle. Several yoga asanas like cat-cow pose, seated twist, and pranayama techniques like Brahmani and ujjayi pranayama are considered best for sleep apnea.

Wrapping It Up

The best and most natural way to reduce snoring is by yoga therapy.  Practice our recommended asana, pranayama, and kriya mudras and complement them with a healthy and balanced diet.   

Not only would you be able to curb snoring but the quality of sleep would also improve, and you would be able to focus more on your daily tasks. So we suggest you practice these yoga exercises to sleep better and avoid snoring. 

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